Making the most of it!!!!

30 January 2017

After six or seven days in a row up at the Fornet I very nearly caved into a change of sector and scenery by heading to Tignes, but at the last second we jumped on the bus to the Fornet. I’m glad I did as we had another excellent morning skiing a couple of pitches in the Col Pers before ‘skinning’ back up to the Glacier Pers, which like yesterday was great top-to-bottom. The gorge is always a brilliant end to any morning and it was another cracking morning even though our options are pretty limited. (Seven straight days at the Fornet is proof of that!) Chris, Andreas, Thomas,TJ and Henry were all up over the Col today enjoying the conditions and ambience.

We had the best of the light today, which was much better than expected, and as the forecasted snow was moving in from Tignes we stayed in excellent to decent light all morning long. Coming out through the gorge you could see that it was snowing in Tignes and by 1:45 PM lovely flakes started to fall here in the village. It is forecast to snow tonight and fingers crossed that we get a decent amount as a fresh canvas is something we haven’t had too often this season. Stay tuned!

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