The sunshine continues.........

13 January 2009

The sunshine continues and for a change of pace Andreas and I headed to Mont Roup after skiing Fornet-way for a least a week. The ski down off the Borsat was excellent as was the top half of Mont Roup with the lower sections being a little tricky in places. Chris had another great Col des Fours, JM skied the Col du Montet (haven’t had a report) and TJ was on-piste with some young lads including his son Rollie. We all survived the Moonlight Descent last night, which we did in the dark as the moon wasn’t yet high enough in the sky when we skied down. I’d like to thank Ray for all his help with the studio, and his company as well. Thanks Ray and see you in a couple of weeks. I’m having a morning off tomorrow but will be reporting on the boys adventures.

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