Ouch, that was close!!!

31 January 2017

Some snow is finally falling and we had 5 to 10cm’s last night and that added up a pretty jolly good morning. It was mild and almost raining in the village but the higher we went the deeper and drier the snow so we spent most of our morning at altitude off the Grande Motte. We warmed up for the first time in ages off the Verte, followed by the Borsat and meadows into Tignes. TJ and I then skied 135-turns off the Motte (Thomas and Chris came in behind us) while Andreas had an excellent run in the Chardonnet. I then hooked up with Andreas as we skied the Genepy/Cairn and Familial on the way home.

The light was pretty flat for the most part and we even had some dreaded fog patches to deal with at times, but for the most part the skiing was pretty comfortable. I did take a big hit off the Motte by stepping off a rat-track that was a two-metre drop. I knew the piste-bashers cut a trail across our path and where it roughly would be so after 100-turns I started to peer into the gloom to locate it. I finally saw it and stopped, got the team over it safely, then stepped forward to find a second track had been cut, which is higher unusual but will be filed away for future reference! It wasn’t as bad as the one Jean and I dropped off last season, but I was fortunate to not have noodled myself!

With all the wind we’ve had there were some new holes and drifts and lots of reasons for never stopping below the guide or drifting away from the safety of the track. We keep going on at people about staying above and following the track and anyone not playing by the rules could have hurt themselves quite easily this morning.

At 4:30PM it is still snowing so we should have an excellent cushion tomorrow morning, and some sunshine to go with it! Stay tuned!

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