Bravo team Chris!!!

01 February 2017

The sun came out today and with it quite a few people who weren’t skiing off-piste yesterday, but we all managed a quiet day for the most part. The wet snow from yesterday did wonders smoothing out the surface and we all had a fantastic morning. It was Baz’‘s last day so I wanted to give him a change of scenery so we opened up with an excellent run on TJ’s Shoulder in total solitude, followed by a play off the ‘L’, then Henry’s Gully followed by a double ‘skin’ in the Pays Desert. My team stopped there for lunch or a rest as it was 1PM so Baz and I found a nice line in the Super L for a 1:30 finish. Meanwhile TJ skied his shoulder as well followed by the Cugnai, while Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy then headed up to the Vallonnet. Thomas headed towards Tignes with Wynne and Barbara and I’m not too sure what Henry skied today.

I’d like to give a special mention to Chris’ team of Bill, Elin, John, Ken and Anne who all put in a stunning performance in the Pays Desert this morning. They ‘skinned’ up quite high from the T-Bar and laid some exquisite tracks that were pleasing on the eye and very pleasing for Chris as well. They are fairly new to off-piste, especially the way we ski and they did themselves proud, bravo to you all!

We should see some sunshine in the morning, or at least have decent light and with any luck perhaps a few snowflakes will fall tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. Fingers crossed on that one and stay tuned! (And come on you Hammers although I spent all my sports points on Roger and can’t ask for too much more!)

PS I had a great evening chez-moi last night with TJ and his boys Rollie and Oscar, Chris and Suzanne and Russell. It was really good fun and lovely to see everyone.

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