More wind and changing conditions!

02 February 2017

The winded picked up this morning and became a factor as it’s starting to work over what was some pretty good snow. With the wet snow and drizzle in the village the lower slopes are a little tricky in places but the higher you go the colder and drier the snow and there is still some excellent snow to be found. Chris, TJ and I all skied Mont Roup today and the meadows down from the Borsat were very good, and the upper section of Mont Roup itself was great but lower down you could feel the affects of the humidity in the snowpack and the wind. Andreas headed Little Lavachet way en-route to the Sachette while Thomas was working with Jerome and they were up at the Fornet.

Up until now we’ve had very stable conditions this season and we’ve been able to attack some big slopes but conditions are now changing and the snowpack doesn’t feel as stable. I think we’re in for a period of calming it down and caution, especially if the snow starts to fall. I’ve lost confidence in the stability of the big slopes as you can feel the under-layers collapsing now when traversing, skiing and even today while ‘skinning’.

We saw a Gendarmes helicopter landing beside the Manchet piste today and Doug mentioned that the police only show up when there has been a fatality. Let’s hope Doug has that one wrong! It seems as if a lot was going on today as helicopters have been flying about for a good part of the day but I haven’t heard any news. Someone told me this morning that someone skied off a cliff on the Rocher du Bellevarde yesterday and that the skier was in the hospital. There was no news of it on Radio Val so who knows, but I do know that they don’t report everything that happens!

The wind is forecast to blow and gust to 100km/h this afternoon and into the night but hopefully we’ll get some vis in the morning. Stay tuned!

PS Some fresh photos will be posted in the morning on the Valdinet site. I can only post between 15 and 20, which is how many I can post on a powder day, but it’s better than none!

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