One of the 'top five' of the season!

03 February 2017

A lovely cushion of fresh snow fell overnight but what really made today special was the unexpected sunshine that led to a ‘maximum-turn’ extravaganza! My team dove straight into the Grand Vallon with Chris and co, then the Combe du Signal, followed by the 3300, then a Pays Desert and a Col Pers and gorge to finish. Andreas, Thomas, Chris and Henry were all filling their boots at the Fornet and a most wonderful morning was enjoyed by all! Thomas’ wife Muriel worked for us today and she had a fantastic time with some new clients that came from the Valdinet website. (Where you can find the only photos I can post at the moment) TJ skied the Little Lavachet and the Sachette this morning and said it was brilliant, but unfortunately it’s his last day and he and his sons Rollie and Oscar will be sadly leaving us in the morning, but not before one more little soiree!

It clouded over this afternoon and it has just started to snow again around 4:15pm, so we should have another fresh canvas again tomorrow, although we’ll be very lucky to get much visibility. But I’m an optimist and find that usually things work out better than expected so I won’t be losing any sleep over the forecast tonight. Stay tuned!

PS It turns out that the helicopter yesterday was winching Gendarmes down into one of the cliff/waterfalls coming out of the Col des Fours. An ESF led group had someone fall and the it wasn’t a good situation at all, but I’ve heard no more news about it. There is however a link on the website on my snow report about the person who fell off the cliff on the Charvet a couple of days ago.

PPS Just received the forecast from Louise and it should be snowing tomorrow with some gusting wind and somehow I’m not sure optimism will be enough on the visibility-front!

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