Great opening, brilliant finish!!!

04 February 2017

The wind was howling this morning and the skies were overcast with a bit of fog floating about but the good news was 10cm’s of fresh snow. The Olympique opened 10-minutes earlier today so Chris and I warmed up with an excellent first-track run on the Face du Bellevarde. From there my team skied the Fontaine Froide, off the Verte, two on Bonnvie’s Drag, the hooked back up for Chris for a Lower Borsat Nord and meadows into Tignes, one off the Motte via the edge of the Genepy and by this time Tignes was shutting down due to violent wind. Thomas said he’s never seen the chairs swinging around so wildly on Toviere before and we made it back via the Fresse chair. From their we had a stunning run in the Jardin du Borsat Nord (some of the best snow of the season) before finishing with a run under the Mont Blanc and lower Familial. For the last hour the sun came out and it transformed the morning allowing us to finish the morning in style! It was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning and considering the light we did a lot of skiing!

Thanks to Thomas this morning for the track coming out of the Borsat. It was foggy when we were in there and I was extremely pleased when I came upon his track near the exit! Coming out of the Funicular in Tignes we noticed that the avalanche risk had shot up to 4/5, which isn’t surprising as vasts amounts of snow are being transported in the wind. Tommeuses, Toviere, and the Mont Blanc were some of many lifts that were closed this morning and by the early afternoon it looked as if most of the resort had shut down.

Winter has arrived and the risk is going up so if you’re interested in my used ABS bag with a light carbon cylinder please let me know!

I’ll probably add to the update later but in the meantime, go Hammers!

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