Welcome to Winter!

05 February 2017

It didn’t snow at all overnight so we didnt get any help on the fresh-snow front but it did start to snow around 7AM and has continued throughout the day. It was a tougher start than yesterday as we tried the Familial in flat-light and it wasn’t the best, and in fact I won the ‘splat du jour’ award with a lovely head-first somersault that filled my goggles with snow and made a flat-light day even worse! Anyway, Chris, Henry and I recovered and we had some good snow in the Borsat and Meadows, followed by a fantastic run in the Combe des Lanches, and great snow off the Motte. I twigged my back, which could have been a complication from the hit I took on the Motte last Tuesday, or a result of my splat, or a combination but I must admit to taking the bubbles down from the Folie Douce at the end of the morning because I’d had enough! Hopefully some Pilates and drugs will sort me out by tomorrow.

It is really starting to look like a ‘winter wonderland’ with the snow that has fallen over the past 48-hours. The girls will be getting extremely excited by their return next Sunday as they both love the snow and have been waiting for it. Millie is bringing a friend who has never seen snow like this before so it will be a fantastic experience for Rosie. I hope the weather clears before I pick them up next Sunday night because I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the roads today, it must be chaos down the valley.

Photos from the past three days will be posted tomorrow morning on the Valdinet website and I’ve tried to put up a photo of everyone who’s participated over the weekend. And I must say that I’m a Happier Hammer today and glad that we’re through with that Man City lot for the season! Stay tuned!

PS Good luck to Millie who is playing in a Surrey County Girls Knock-Out Competition today. Have a great time Millie!

PS Millie had a fantastic day playing in the match at the Royal-Mid Surrey. She played against a girl who plays for England and the young lady is going to Portugal next week to represent her country! Millie enjoyed the experience and it was good for her to see how well girls can play golf and where you can take your talent with practice. Bravo Mils! And she ran into Ian Noble at the club as Ian was hitting some balls on the range. See you next month Ian!

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