Simply magnificent!!!

06 February 2017

Well, last Friday had to be one of the top 3 or 4 days of the season, but today was equally as good and maybe even better! Today we didn’t have the clear blue skies and maybe not quite the same ‘maximum-turn’ factor, although we did ski 2 Fontaine Froide’s, one off the Verte, Borsat Nord and meadows into Tignes, two Combe des Lanches, and bits and pieces off the Familial on the way home, but what made today exceptional was the depth and quality of the snow. There was 40-plus centimetres in places and Andreas and I managed to stay in the sun together all morning long, which made a massive difference because there was fog and flat-light lurking almost everywhere. I had the privilege of opening up the Combe des Lanches in beautiful deep light snow and Andreas followed me in about ten-minutes later and when we finally reached the bottom no one else had come in behind us, which is incredibly rare, especially during the holidays! Because we’d made the track we circled back around for another run but by this time a few others had got in on the act, but we still had most of the bowl clean to chose our lines. Chris and Henry were skiing as well and I lost track of Chris after the second Fontaine Froide and the last I saw of Henry was on the Borsat, but I’m sure they had fantastic mornings as well!

Last Tuesday I took a big hit after dropping off a 2-metre wall off the Motte in flat-light but today was the most violent fall I’ve had in 20-years or so. I was skiing at speed on the Borsat piste and hooked a tip in some soft snow, which spun me around and I piled in shoulder-and-head first with incredibly force. It’s the first time I’ve come out of my pin-bindings and my skis were miles behind, my poles and glasses went flying and it took a few moments to realize that I wasn’t injured. I gave myself a serious whiplash and I know I’m going to be stiff and sore again tomorrow. It was the first time that I’ve whacked my head in a long, long time and for a moment thought that maybe a helmet might have been a good idea, but then I thought that maybe I might have broken my neck with the extra leverage? Anyway, my head is fine but my neck is sore and one thing for certain is that I’m way too old to be piling in like that and hopefully that’s me done for the season!

I must give Dave D a ‘skier-of-the-morning’ for some solid progress and I’ve never seen him so fluid in the powder! Bravo Dave and what a promising performance. Kevin S also had a top day and what a start to everyone’s week!

Congratulations to Michael Rosen who will have been the happiest man in America last night (except perhaps for Tom Brady’s Dad) as his Patriots won the Super Bowl in overtime after being down 25 points in the second-half! It must have been one of the best Super Bowl’s ever and I’m sure Michael was absolutely exhausted afterwards. Ahh, the thrill of victory!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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