It just keeps getting better!!!

07 February 2017

Well if yesterday was stunning because it was, today was expectionally stunning! We were expecting flat-light again but for the second day running the visibility was much better than forecast and with deep light snow it was game on! Chris and I opened up the Tour du Charvet and TJ’s Shoulder, which is always a treat and it was fantastic, followed by two great runs in the Arcelle before skiing one in the Marmottons, and then we finished a brilliant morning with an outstanding Epuale du Charvet. Meanwhile Andreas and Henry had a fantastic time up at the Fornet with a Super L, Grand Vallon, and a Combe du Signal before coming over to the Arcelle, and Thomas started off with a couple in the Fontaine Froide before skiing the Tour du Charvet and Arcelle.

Someone skied the Face du Charvet today and I must say they did a brilliant job, the tracks were tight and a lot of people around the resort will be giving us credit for it! (Although it was a pretty brave move!) Whoever it was picked the right day, was courageous and executed the decent to perfection. Chapeau to everyone involved!

It started to snow lightly around 2 pm and we should have another 10cm’s or so of fresh snow by the morning. Chris is doing the business and skiing all-day at the moment so bravo and good luck JC!

My Salomon test boots arrived this morning and it was fantastic to ski on them again. They are light, soft and extremely sensitive giving a great feel and connection with the snow. However I still managed to ski off another drop in the only real flat-light of the morning, but at least this one had a soft landing. That makes three hits this week and surely that should do me for this season?

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS The girls are starting to get really excited about their return and it will be fun to have Millie’s friend Rosie here to experience our Winter-Wonderland!

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