The True North Strong and Free!

08 February 2017

It was a tougher ski this morning for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it didn’t snow enough yesterday afternoon and during the night to cover any tracks and a lot of the good snow has been hit pretty hard during the past few days making it necessary to try somewhere else. And secondly, the atmospheric condidtions were much more difficult. The cloud cover was thicker, there were more fog patches, and it just seemed as if there wasn’t as many bright spots or sunny bits. Andreas and I started off on the Borsat and had a great start to the morning with just enough light and from there I headed up to the Motte hoping for thinner cloud or perhaps even a little sunshine. Pat Z was thinking the same and we arrived upstairs to fantastic visibility and if one used their imagination you could even say ‘sunshine’! The snow was much more ‘educational’ than the glorious snow of the past few days but with the great vis it was very skiable and everyone enjoyed it. Both Pat and I circled around for another run hoping for some more lifts opening as well as more sun but by the time we arrived back on top the cloud and fog had risen, although the light wasn’t dreadful, but that same snow was a little more demanding without the visibility. I then decided on a change of scenery and hooked up with Andreas for a lovely run in the Familial/Alti-port followed by a real ‘morning-clincher’ off the Epaule du Charvet. It has been excellent the past few days and even though it was a little warmer today the snow was still fantastic and we found ‘clean’ snow right to the bottom. It turned out to be a pretty good morning but it wasn’t as easy as the last few days!

Chris is working all-day with a family group and it must have been tough out there this afternoon with light snow falling and flat-light, and both Thomas and Henry were in action today as well, doing their best to ‘sniff’ out the good snow as well as trying to find pockets of visibility. (It’s a bit like searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!)

It was a fantastic day for Canadian skiing today! Firstly, Wayne Watson didn’t noodle himself, which was a great result in itself, but secondly Canadians came first and third in the World Championship Super G today in Switzerland! That has to be the best Canadian result since the Crazy Canuck days of Ken Read, Dave Murray, Steve Podborski and Dave Irwin. It’s not quite as long of drought as the last England World Cup win, but it has been a while! Bravo boys, and Oh Canada!

A little sun is forecast for tomorrow, which is great news although we’ll need to deal with a ‘powder-frenzy’, which will be even worse after thousands of people have been cooped up with ‘cabin-fever’ these past few days and they’ll be going berserk with fresh snow and sunshine. We’ll have to come up with somewhere to hide and weather the storm. Stay tuned!

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