Tougher conditions but great results all around!

10 February 2017

The easterly wind that started to blow yesterday afternoon certainly did some damage but the day started out brightly and with visibility on our side we enjoyed another great morning on what could have been a tricky outing. I hummed-and-hawed this morning about what to do and went from Plan A to about Plan G but it all worked out pretty well in the end. We started off with a nice run off the Mont Blanc piste trying to get some photos for John Yates-Smith’s YSE Photo of the Day, and I must say we took some great shots and the snow was excellent. Then we skied a Lower Borsat because 100 people were walking to the top, followed by a nice run off the Grand Huit, then we ‘skinned’ into the Sachette, which was really good with great ambience, then a quick Alti-port to finish. Andreas and Thomas both skied the Little Lavachet then Andreas moved on the the Balme before skiing the Sachette, Chris took the Kennedy family team up to the Fornet and I’m not too sure what Henry skied today.

I’m off down the valley for a big shop as the girls are coming Sunday night, and of course I need to peak at exactly the right moment with my tidying up business! So I’ll sign-off and perhaps add a bit more later. If not, stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS There are quite a few photos on the Valdinet website. Go to Snow Reports and click on the writing and when it comes up you can move the photos along. There are about 19 this week and I tried to put one up of everyone who has skied with me this week.

PPS I forgot to mention that we had a nice run with Jean R yesterday to start the morning. He followed us down in some lovely snow and it was great to have him along, although very briefly!

PPPS I was stopped by the Gendarmes coming back up the mountain after my shopping trip, and of course I had no ID, no driver’s licence, no carte gris, no anything. I told them I’d been shopping for my family who arrive Sunday night on holidays and they took pity on me and let me go. I think I was more hassle than it was worth. Anyway, the Gendarmes seem to be very nice to me over the years, it must be my honest face?

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