Wow, what a finsih!!!

11 February 2017

The sun came out today and what a glorious finish to an absolutely stunning week. After spending all week in Tignes and around the Charvet/Manchet sectors it was time to take the team up to the Fornet for a change of scenery and for many a first-ever trip through the gorge. It was a wonderful morning with excellent skiing, fabulous views and great ambience. I’ve had such a lovely team this week with Dave and Sue, Kevin (who I’ve known for over thirty-years), and Stephen and Al, all of whom just happen to be staying together in the YSE Chalet Les Chardons, so the team really gelled. (Unfortunately Tony-the-dentist couldn’t make it due to illness)

I saw Andreas in the bus at the end of the morning and he was grinning from ear-to-ear and glowing like a man who’s just had his first child! You can tell that satisfied look on someone’s face when they know it couldn’t have gone any better He did a short ‘skin’ (code mode as times get tough around here quickly!) then finished up with his team over the Col and through the gorge, and being James and Richard’s last day it was a cracker to finish on.

Last I saw of Chris he was heading up to the Point Pers with Doug and Suzanne so after a great Col Pers Chris decided to go for gold as he has the day off tomorrow. Nice one JC! Thomas was up at the Fornet as well and came up with a good plan to finish the morning, which I thought was jolly good, thanks Thomas!

I’ve probably skied through the gorge 15 times or so this season and it has been as easy as it gets, but today a new hole is developing where is looked solid last week and there is a fragile looking snow-bridge around it. I that bridge goes that will be the end of the gorge for a while and it just shows how quickly conditions change!

I’m off to the gym before I get stuck in on my tidying up routine. What a drag but like Andreas I’m buzzing so that will help as I beaver away. And come on you Hammers to round off a perfect day!

PS I’m picking up the girls tomorrow night!

PPS And a well deserved ‘skier-of-the-morning’ award to Stephen this morning, and bravo Dave for such good progress this week!

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