What a brilliant morning!!!

12 February 2017

Today was one of those days that looked incredibly uninspiring at 7AM with overcast skies and a howling easterly wind the was humming in the chimney and shaking trees about at street level, but we all know to never underestimate this place as we had a stunning morning. Radio Val was painting a black picture wind-wise but once up the mountain it wasn’t too bad at all and although it was overcast the light was still bright and forecast to get better as the morning wore on. We did a double ‘skin’ and were rewarded with some fantastic skiing and snow and what a pleasant morning it turned out to be. I had a tight team with Jumbo and his 19-year-old son Angus, along with Doug and Shred and evidence of our good work can be found tomorrow morning on the Valdinet.com Snow Report. (It’s definitely code-mode time again!)

Thomas had a terrific morning as well skiing with the Parker family. He was very pleasantly surprised at how nice of day it turned out to be and also with the snow conditions. The wind has blown in a lovely cushion of snow and in some areas we have a ‘fresh canvas’ of creamy snow to work with, which is great news after last week’s powder extravaganza!

Hort, please let Stretch know that I know that he’s trying to get hold of me. I’ve had a technological melt-down and even my phone is out of order so I haven’t been able to listen to his message. Thanks!

I’m off to Lyon soon to pick up the girls and I’m thankful that it isn’t a snowy night with blizzard-like conditions. Stay tuned!

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