Tragedy on the Lavachet!!!!

13 February 2017

I had a good trip to the airport last night to pick up my beautiful girls and Millie’s lovely friend Rosie, and I got into bed at about 1:45AM. Fortunately the sun was shining this morning and the entire team took the opportunity to ski up at the Fornet and have a trip through the gorge before the last snow-bridge collapses. Between us we skied the Col Pers, the Lechoir, the Vallonnet, an Oh My variation, the Pays Desert, and the Grand Vallon and I thought it was a cracking good morning. I had a new client named Dave who drove over from Tignes and he had a fantastic time as he really enjoyed the experience. We had a sandwich together at the Gourmandine as I had the pleasure of skiing with Clive’s daughter Georgina and his grandson Jack this afternoon. Thanks Dave! And well skied this morning Trevor who turned pro when the going got weird!

A great day was marred by a tragedy in Tignes on the big slope of the Lavachet, which avalanched and at least 4 people have died with another in serious condition. Thankfully everyone we know is safe but somewhere in the resort there will be some people in a living hell tonight. I don’t really have much else to say so I’ll stop there for today. Stay tuned!

PS Photos of the avalanche are on the Radio Val website, the BBC and Henry’s site and photos of the weekend’s skiing are on the Valdinet site.

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