Another top day on the mountain!

14 February 2017

I’m just getting the hang of my new computer that Ray has set up for me, thanks so much Ray! And thank you to Geoff D who supplied a Macbook Air that Millie and Katie have their eyes on!

Anyway, on to today’s skiing. We had a team ‘skin’ today and I thought it was another jolly good morning. Millie came along and is happy to be in her Dad’s group again, and it was Marion’s first-ever ‘skin’, and she did brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We’ve had emails, texts, and phone calls from all over the world about yesterday’s tragic accident in Tignes. Thank you all for your concern. I must apologise for not being able to respond to emails as I’ve had trouble with my phone and emails and it’s been a struggle. I’ll now be able to start re-building my address book as and when you send me an email.

Chris had three new clients cancel today because of yesterday’s avalanche and it’s quite sad that people think the world is suddenly such a dangerous place after rare accidents, whether it be a terrorist attack that stops people travelling or an avalanche that stops people skiing. Andreas has also had people wondering about their trip in April, when conditions will be totally different. Yesterday’s slide took place on one of the biggest nastiest slopes in the resort, one that rarely gets skied in winter. In the spring it becomes an option with the felt/freeze cycle that stabilises the mountain and conditions are generally much more stable in the spring. What happened yesterday was an incredibly sad but rare occurrence, and this is a huge resort with so many safe options and I really hope that yesterday’s horrible accident doesn’t put people off the wonderful world of off-piste skiing.

Gill is looking forward to her first off-piste excursion of the season tomorrow. Millie has taken her place so far this season as Gill skis with Katie but the girls are skiing with Russell tomorrow so Gill is getting a rare chance. Thanks Russell!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and maybe I’ll have the photos sorted by then?

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