The end of the gorge!

16 February 2017

The sun was beating down again today and after a long walk yesterday I took it easy on my team this morning with a couple of short ‘skins’ in the Pays Desert. As usual the scenery was fantastic and we had lovely easy snow top-to-bottom and the team loved it. I had Millie, Sarah and Sim who had never been through the gorge before and with time running out due to the deterioration of a couple of the snow-bridges Chris and I both took our teams over the Col Pers and through the gorge. The skiing was a bonus as it is still pretty good out back with clean lines still to be found but the real fun was the gorge itself. It has changed drastically since Monday and the exit was pretty exiting to say the least. The snow-bridge near the exit by the rock that juts out is now almost non-existent and everyone had a few flutters of the heart and some nervous moments crossing that bridge. Chris had a client drop and ski into the drink and poor Chris had to go in and fish it out, ending up with soaking wet feet and the prospect of working this afternoon. Bummer Chris! Chris kindly waited for my team to arrive in case we needed any help but everyone made it through without further incident and they all thoroughly savoured what will be our last trip through the gorge until, and if it fills back in. I must say it was fantastic having the gorge open this season and I for one thoroughly enjoyed all my trips through it, and for those who experienced it for the first time today they’ll certainly remember it! Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Barmes de l’Ours, which is a pretty jolly good hike and bravo to everyone, and was rewarded with a great ski down, and I’m not too sure what Thomas skied with the Parker family, and Henry is on-piste this week.

Cloudy weather is forecast for tomorrow so let’s hope they have that wrong unless of course it snows!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and some photos from this week will be posted tomorrow morning on the Valdinet site, and with any luck my photo link may be up and running soon. Fingers crossed on that one!

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