Plan D worked out quite nicely!

17 February 2017

The day turned out much better than forecast and for the most part we enjoyed a bright sunny ski. After days of skiing around the center of Val d’Isere (Charvet/Mont Roup and surrounding sectors) and the Fornet the team decided on a change of scenery this morning and we all headed towards Tignes. Chris and I ended up with lift problems (plus I managed to temporarily misplace 75% of my team for a short time) and by the time everything was sorted out people were milling about everywhere and we decided to go for a ‘skin’ and get away from it all. We headed to Mont Roup and I must say it was much better than it might have been and we had excellent skiing with no one else around. Chris had 15-year-old Josh along and it was Josh’s first real off-piste experience as well as his first-ever ‘skin’, and he performed brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Bravo Josh! Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas made it into Tignes and had a great morning in the Sachette skiing the Sachette Couloir and then the Familial on the way home.

The forecast is for another stunning day of sunshine tomorrow, although some snow would be welcome but in the meantime I’m happy with clear blue skies so we can see the best snow on offer. When times are tough it’s really difficult to ‘sniff’ out the good strips when the light is flat and you can sometimes look like a rubbish skier when leading in flat-light and skiing into wandering plaque or old tracks, and you know we always want to look our best!

I might have my first day-off of the season tomorrow and am looking forward to a family ski with the girls. It’s rare that we can ski in the mornings together so I’m really looking forward to it. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Don’t forget to check the photos on the Valdinet website and click on Snow Reports and then again to get up the revolving slide show.

PPS The latest update hasn’t yet been uploaded. Bummer!

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