What a day off!!!!!

18 February 2017

I enjoyed my first day off of the season today and didn’t get off the hill until 4 o’clock! This morning Gill, Millie, Katie and I skied the Face du Bellevarde, followed by the ‘L’, then a run off the Laisinant, a run off the Pyramid, then a Pays Desert and a Vallonnet on our way to lunch.

This afternoon we had a fantastic time skiing with Millie’s school friend Rosie who is staying with us this week. She won a well deserved ‘skier-of-the-day’ award for a brilliant performance. She has been skiing with Suzanne this week and she’s made amazing progress in this her third week of skiing. We were flying this afternoon and bravo to Rosie and well done Suzanne who has done a fantastic job with her this week. Thanks Suzanne!

Andreas and Chris were both out this morning and skiing at the Fornet. A centimetre or two of fresh snow fell overnight and with the wind we were hoping for some creamy strips and a bit of accumulation in the lee but we didn’t get as much help as we were hoping for. Still, it did help a little but a fresh canvas would be greatly appreciated, although the wait will continue!

I tested some Blizzard 85’s today and thought they were brilliant. Jean Sport won’t be stocking Movement next season as there won’t be a French distrubutor, which would leave Didier without any after sales service support and he can’t operate without the back-up of the manufacturer, so I’m looking ahead to life without my lovely Movements. Up against my Vertex (Bonds) skis they were the same underfoot even though they say 85, and the Blizzard’s were slightly narrower at both the tip and tail, and I think they have real potential. I’ll test them again after a snowfall to see how they ski in powder but at the moment I wouldn’t hesitate to ski on them next season.

Those of you who skied with me last week can now find the photos on the Valdinet website under Snow Report dated February 16th, and it features a photo of Doug, which then turns into a slide show. And have a look anyway as it’s my only chance to post photos these days although hopefully Chris and I will get things sorted next week when the girls return to England and Chris isn’t doing so many afternoons. Fingers crossed on that one!

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