A morning out with the boys!

19 February 2017

I rounded up the boys this morning and had a cracking morning with John E, Jean R and Richard H as we worked on a little technique, skied some lovely pistes, laid some great ‘Alpine’ tracks and even threw in a 20-minute ‘skin’. It was great to be out with the boys again and I hope we get the chance to ski together again soon. Meanwhile the girl’s entertained Margaret and they had a fantastic morning as well, and Rosie was very impressed with Margaret, but then again who isn’t? Henry was up at the Fornet and was planning on a little ‘skin’ out in the Pays Desert.

This afternoon I skied with Simon and Kristen and it was Kristen’s 28th birthday today. Happy birthday to you and you both did extremely well this afternoon, bravo!

Check Valdinet tomorrow for more photos and I’m signing off as it’s the girls last night. A demain!

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