It didn’t snow a flake and the sun was back in full force

15 January 2009

It didn’t snow a flake and the sun was back in full force although it was cold this morning, especially when exposed to the wind. We all had an excellent day skiing with JM taking his private client along with Thomas and Kristina to the Couloir 3500 off the back of the Motte. Nice one JM! Andreas skied at the Fornet and ‘skinned’ out of the Pays Desert before going over the Col for the Glaciers Pers and both itineraries had great snow. Chris and I had lovely snow off the edge of the Motte en route to a very good Borsat West while TJ has a private client on-piste and will have him off-piste before we know it. The streets are lethal at the moment and tonight I witnessed snow being thrown out the back of a manure spreader as they were living up to the ‘all-white’ policy. Sounds prejudice doesn’t it? Anyway the village has promised white streets for the World Championships and I thought a manure spreader was fairly clever. Sun is forecast again for tomorrow with the possibility of snow on Sunday.

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