Staying away from the crowds!

22 February 2017

Thankfully the sun came back out today and with the crowds in the resort Chris and I returned to the Glacier Pers and had an excellent morning on our own with fantastic ambience and another trip through the gorge. Chris’ team opted to climb out while I took my team through as Mark, Lucy and Barnaby had never been through before while Frits was dying to go through again! The skiing was easier than yesterday due to the visibility but it was still ‘educational’ and the wind in places was blowing an absolute hoolie!

Thomas went for a big ‘skin’ and had a great time (code-mode) while Andreas started a private group and warmed them up with some ‘classic’s’ in Tignes.

I’m enjoying following Fred and Liz’s trip to India as they are visiting and staying in many of the same places that the girls and I stayed in when we were there. It’s easy to picture the hotels and forts and many of the owners and serving staff and I hope they’re having as good of time as we did!

Sun is forecast for tomorrow and hopefully the wind will die down. It’s tough out there with track-damage, wind-damage, and now we have sun-damage to deal with, but the good news is that we should see some snow on Friday. Not much is expected but anything will help!

Katie had a big night at Gym Club last night and was pleased with her progress on her front aerials and she said that she landed them all! Bravo Katie and I miss watching your sessions!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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