Only 5 cm's but it helped!

24 February 2017

About 5 cm’s of snow fell overnight with strong winds and although it wasn’t much it certainly helped. It was a rather grey day with wind and teasing patches of sunlight, but it was like the pot-of-gold-and-rainbow routine and as Chris and I headed to the bright light above the Sachette only to arrive in flat-light and patches of fog. We had a great ski however with some very good snow and just enough light to keep going all the way to the bottom. Andreas skied the Borsat, Lower Chardonnet and Sache while Thomas skied around the Balme and Motte. It was a pretty good day considering the lack of light and how little snow fell but sunshine is forecast again for tomorrow, although what we really need is a big dump!

There should be some photos for you to look at on the Wayne’s Photos link. If you click on it and find the old Picasa files (especially if the link is marked as a favourite) Chris says to delete the favourite link, go back into it and refresh and hopefully the new file will come up. It’s still a work in progress but at least there are some recent photos up.

Late yesterday afternoon there was another tragic accident as a 59-year-old Brit managed to ski off a cliff and kill himself. He ducked under the ropes off the Laisinant Chair (skiers-left) and somehow skied off the cliff, which was very close to the piste. I don’t know if he was skiing too fast and didn’t know the terrain below or what but what a sad situation. This is such a wonderful place but it is scary how a brief moment’s loss of concentration can be so costly, both on and off-piste.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and another big weekend of sport with the 6-Nations and Premiership in full swing.

Photos of the past week can also be found on the Valdinet website under Snow Reports.

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