Fun in the sun!

25 February 2017

The sun returned and I’d heard the rumour of 30cm’s at the Fornet, which I didn’t believe because of the wind direction over the past couple of days, but it did sound like it needed to be verified one way or the other so Andreas and I headed up that way hoping for the best. We certainly didn’t find anywhere near 30cm’s but there was enough new snow to make a massive difference and we had a cracking good morning. First up was a lovely warm-up and a taste of what was to come off the Laisinant Express followed by a nice run in the Lower Combe du Signal en-route to the Glacier. Once upstairs we skied an excellent run in the Combe du 3300 followed by a trip over the Col Pers and out through the gorge. I keep saying that the last time was my last trip but since I first said that I’ve exited the gorge 5 more times! The Vallonnet looked dreadful so we circled back upstairs for the fastest Pays Desert in quite some time as it was getting late and both groups pretty much skied it top-to-bottom without stopping! It wasn’t 30cm’s but the thought of it was enough to tempt us to the Fornet and we were rewarded with a fantastic morning.

Chris had a new group and headed towards Tignes and a trip through the Sachette. He had a great morning although a couple of his skiers were having dreadful boot problems, which is no fun. In the skiing world happiness starts with the feet and if you’re in serious pain it is really difficult to ski let alone enjoy yourself. I hope you all get it sorted!

A cloudy day is forecast for tomorrow but I’m hoping for enough vis to travel comfortably because this fresh snowfall has given us some options. Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

Speaking of sport I watched the Federer v Nadal highlights on you-tube last night. Wow, what a match and both players didn’t look like men in the twilight of their careers. They were both fantastic and it had to be perhaps the finest moment in Roger’s glittering career! Also have a look at Gary Lineker’s comments about Claudio’s sacking. Extremely well put as were Jose’s comments, which I haven’t seen or heard yet.

PS Fred and Liz are in Narli where Katie and I went riding and they’ve had some superb leopard sightings including leopard’s mating!

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