A better day than forecast!

26 February 2017

It’s been a fun week with various characters, and I mean characters, such as Frits, Sarah, Camilla, Rupert, Lucy, and Mark, and this weekend Jules arrived with his pals Toby and Neil. The three lads are young, fit and strong skiers who are really good fun and certainly wore me out over the weekend. Anyway, it was sunnier than forecast today and we finished off the boys three-day-weekend with a double ‘skin’ to the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup, and had some excellent snow although it was warmer than I had expected. It was a hot heavy day and a lot of the snow on the sunny exposures is turning to spring snow, even though it’s still February! Andreas skied with Virginie and Thierry today and they went off with helmets and big skis in search of adventure and I think the two of them wore out Andreas as well! Chris, Thomas and Henry were all off today enjoying lie-in’s, although I don’t think anyone gets a lie-in at either Henry or Thomas’ house with all those children to deal with. You’re both brave men!

Millie had a golf lesson on Saturday with her young coach James who is a great guy and he stopped by to visit earlier in the season. And today she played with Mark, who has been coaching her for a few years now. Mark has small children of his own and isn’t around as much as he used to be so it was a real treat for Millie, Sophie and Daisy to be able to play nine-holes with him. Thanks boys!

Katie is baking a rhubarb crumble for dessert tonight while Millie is in charge of burgers and it looks like one of my main ‘reasons-for-being’ is slipping away as the girls are taking over the cooking duties. I love my cooking but both the girls are seriously into their food so I’ll need to step back gracefully.

Chris came by yesterday and sorted out my internet problems and my Wi-Fi is up and running again and actually very quick, he’s help to sort my photo problem, my phone is working again, and thanks to Ray I’ve a new computer that I’m getting the hang of. My technological nightmare seems to be over, thanks very much boys!

We’ve a sunny day forecast for tomorrow and snow is expected on Tuesday. Fingers crossed on that one and stay tuned!

PS And thanks to Jules, Toby and Neil for a great lunch in the sun!

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