It was great to ski with Jean!

27 February 2017

As we desperately await snow tomorrow we enjoyed another sunny warm morning and I had the pleasure of skiing with Jean R. I had a new client Callum and along with Louise and Jean we headed for a lovely Sachette via the Lower Borsat, and we finished off with a great run in the Familial. It’s very warm at the moment and a lot of snow is ‘in-between’, which isn’t much good for anything! Anyway, it was great to have Jean back for a morning and when the conditions and group are right he’ll join us again sometime.

Chris was in the Sachette as well while Andreas decided the 3500 didn’t look too hot so he skied the Tour du Balme instead.

Stormy weather is forecast for tomorrow, which is fine as long as it brings snow! One forecast I’ve looked at predicts some snow tomorrow, and again Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Now that would be fantastic! Stay tuned!

PS We had 90-plus-year-old Jacques tag along for our warm-up run this morning with a huge grin on his face, and I’ve noticed some lovely ‘Alpine’ tracks left by John, Margaret, Jean and Richard H. Bravo!

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