Great morning, fabulous afternoon!!!

28 February 2017

I looked out my window at 6AM and not a single flake had fallen during the night and with wind forecast it was a very inspiring start to my day. But by 6:30 it started to snow huge flakes without any wind and by ‘show-time’ it was game-on as we had enough of a cushion underfoot and just enough light to enjoy a fantastic morning. After a brilliant warm-up on the Face du Bellevarde we skied off the Verte en-route to the Borsat en-route to the Motte and back for a couple of runs in the Familial. Andreas started with the Borsat before working his way back to the Fornet and we all enjoyed a seriously good morning.

This afternoon was worrying as the wind was forecast to blow an absolute hoolie, which would have been uncomfortable but also would have made the visibility next to nil, which makes going first a little scary instead of really good fun! Anyway, the wind didn’t blow although they were panicking at the Borsat, Tommeuses, and Les Tufs lifts saying that you should return immediately to your resort, and Chris and I had a stunning afternoon with great snow and very good vis for a flat-light day. Chris was skiing with Peter, who skied in St Foy with us back in the day when three groups would go down together in the St Foy bus, and his wife Florence, while I skied with Barnaby. We skied off the Verte where I was disorientated momentarily in a fog bank, which was a little off-putting, then a cracker in the Borsat, followed by two exceptionally good runs in the Familial to finish. And the instant we took our skis off at 4:30 the wind started howling and the visibility deteriorated drastically so we were very luck indeed! (There was a lot more snow this afternoon than his morning so I’ll be sporting my air-bag in the morning!)

Everyone at Alpine would like to wish Louise a big Happy Birthday! She had a long lunch with her friends then was going to the Petit Danoise to watch the Killer Beez, who are apparently a fantastic band. Sorry I couldn’t make it Lou as I didn’t get home until 5 and at 6 I’m just finishing the blog.

Some forecasts say that it will snow for the next week but if the wind stays away we are in for another belter tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Have a great time at Gym Club tonight Katie! And just to remind you that the photos start with the last photos of the day and work back to the first. Sorry about that but that’s progress for you!

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