A non-stop powder extravaganza!

01 March 2017

I took 2 extra beeps along this morning thinking we might need to do a beep search as winds of 108km/h were recorded at 7:15 am on the summit of Bellevarde. We were very surprised when the resort opened about 9:10, which was a fantastic result and it was game-on for a fabulous morning of non-stop skiing. Chris and I opened with the Face du Bellevarde, followed by three Bonnvie’s Drag’s, three off the Fontaine Froide, one superb run off the Epaule du Charvet, then one down the Marmottons to arrive as the Manchet chair opened, then one down the Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish. Blimey, what a morning! Meanwhile Andreas started off Bellevarde and eventually made his way to the Fornet via the Epaule du Charvet and the Mattis. It was a maximum-turn type morning of high quality and Barnaby thought it was the best morning skiing of his life, and that’s a result!

I saw a lot of Pat Z this morning as we met up on the Fontaine Froide, then again on the Epaule du Charvet, and yet again in the Manchet sector, and his team seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely! And why not with deep snow, impressive slopes and fantastic ambience!

It cleared up a little towards the end of the morning, which really helped us to enjoy the Epaule and Manchet runs, and it is forecast to start snowing again this evening and continue into tomorrow. Sounds good and stay tuned!

PS And thanks to Margaret for a lovely evening last night with the usual great food and company!

PPS Victor and Andreas both have hockey matches tonight in La Rosiere. Good luck to you both and I’ll enjoy hearing about it tomorrow morning!

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