A little tougher but still great skiing!

02 March 2017

Another 15 to 20cm’s fell last night and the lifts opened bang on time. I was in the first lift up the Olympique and opened with the Face du Bellevarde again, but after three straight days my legs were shot by the time we got to the bottom! It was great skiing again today but conditions were tougher as the vis wasn’t as good and it was much warmer. We skied off the Epaule du Charvet around 9:20 this morning and it was much warmer than it was yesterday at 11:15! That made me think that the Arcelle would be difficult and less safe than yesterday, especially with the poor visibility, and that heading upstairs to colder snow at the Fornet would be a good idea. Unfortunately not much was open and our options were limited but we had a couple of excellent runs in the Lower Combe du Signal, followed by a Lower Grand Vallon and a Super L to finish. Chris and Andreas were also in the neighbourhood and it was great to have Thomas back in action today.

Andreas and Victor both had their first hockey matches last night and they had a wonderful time as Tansy and Ness cheered them on. Both of them scored hat tricks as Andreas’ team won 20-18 and I’m not too sure about Victor’s score. Tansy says that Victor has a brilliant ‘goal celebration’ where he slides along the ice on his knees with his arms held up high and wide as he looks towards the heavens. Now that’s a proper goal celebration! Fantastic Victor!

The forecast calls for better vis tomorrow and I’m hoping they keep the Signal and Pissaillas Glacier closed this afternoon. There was some stunning snow in the Lower Combe this morning and I’d love to be on the first drag tomorrow with the Grand Vallon and Combe clean. Fingers crossed on that one and stay tuned!

PS While traversing into the Lower Grand Vallon Chris had a pack of helmeted Vikings with air-bags and huge fat skis cut above him and cut some snow down onto one of his clients. Apparently Alain Prince was there and had a real go at them. Merci Alain!

PPS And happy birthday Mom!!

PPPS I’ve just waxed my skis on the terrace for the first time this season. Chris waxes his and Suzanne’s regularly and he flies by me on the flats, and waxed skis pivot so much easier. And it was nice to have a new ‘Alpine’ skier Toby along this morning, he’s a top chap and a solid skier!

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