A wish come true!

03 March 2017

I was grateful to get my wish this morning as Chris and I opened up the Grand Vallon in stunning snow. We skied it pretty much non-stop except for the steep pitches that needed a little one-at-a-time respect and we circled around it skied it three times! That is incredibly rare as on most sunny powder days after a week of overcast skies people go berserk and an ugly ‘powder frenzy’ takes place, which you really don’t want to be a part of. For some reason there weren’t too many people about and those who in the area were busy tracking out the Combe du Signal and leaving the Grand Vallon to us. After three rotations we headed upstairs for a good run through Chris’ Rock before going over the Col Pers and out through the gorge to finish off a quality morning. I’ve had quite of few new skiers this week including Callum, Toby, Phil and Stephen and for three of the boys it was their first trip through the gorge. (And it was nice to have Chris back after a couple of years away) Chris has had Adam and Gill this week, who are also new to ‘Alpine’ and they’ve had a brilliant week. Meanwhile Andreas headed to Tignes with his team and his plan was to ski the Borsat Nord, the Chardonnet, the Sache and a Familial on the way home. That sounds pretty jolly good as well!

Millie had an evening to choose her GCSE courses for the next couple of years so she and Gill went to that last night and Katie has a riding lesson tonight while Millie has a Surrey Girls Golf day on Sunday. Have fun girls!

Snow and wind are forecast for tomorrow and at the moment it will be just Thomas and I braving the elements with our teams. Wish us luck and stay tuned! And enjoy a great weekend of sport!

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