A surprisingly good morning in stormy weather!

04 March 2017

Chris, Toby and I skied until 12:30 this morning, which was a pretty good result considering I thought the entire morning may have been a write-off as winds of 182km/h were recorded on the summit of Solaise at 6:45am! We bussed down to the Funival and were on the first lift up at about 9:05, but as far as I know the Funival was the only lift running. We skied five runs, all off-piste-on-piste as there was no one else about and because it didn’t snow overnight the off-piste at that altitude was rough from yesterday’s tracks and the heat-crust from the previous day so the piste was by far the best skiing. It was one of those days where you felt good to be outside, to get some skiing in and to experience the storm. (See photos)

Thomas drove up from Seez to take care of Hugh and Penny’s team and they did a thorough beep-search, followed by coffee and some skiing so bravo to you all for making the most of a stormy day!

I’ve some tidying up to do next door then I’m off to the gym to stretch out my legs, which are fairly weary after skiing everyday of the season so far, and having had some dynamic skiing of late.

We could see up to another 40cm’s of fresh snow by tomorrow morning and a little sunshine is forecast before more snow on Monday. Stay tuned!

PS I had a great time last night at the Baraque with Chris, Callum and Callum’s dad Tom. I’ve had a fantastic week with the boys and it was nice to have a drink with them. The music was excellent, as usual, and then Chris and I headed off to the Roxy Burger Bar for a quick fix!

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