Wow, that could bring a tear to the eye!

05 March 2017

I almost took the morning off today but decided to give Jean a call and he and his daughter Katie came this morning, along with Louise. I thought we’d have a quiet day, especially with the avalanche risk at 3/5 and rising to 4 during the day, but once I tested the snow we had anything but a ‘quiet’ day. We opened with a belter and a taste of what was to come off the Fontaine Froide and luckily the Fontaine Froide chair wasn’t ready so we continued on down for a brilliant run off the Epaule du Charvet. Then we skied a fantastic run in the Arcelle followed by a stunning Marmottons into the Marmottes en-route to the Super L. Next up was a lovely little run off the Laisinant Express followed by a Lower Combe du Signal en-route to the Pissaillas for an excellent Pays Desert. We finished with the meadows around the up-and-over chair and took the cable-car down as we didn’t want to spoil a perfect morning with piste! It was truly exceptional and I was so pleased that Jean was there to enjoy it, and it was extra-special for him to be able to share it with his daughter.

Meanwhile Thomas was taking no prisoners either as he skied the Fontaine Froide into the Santons, then TJ’s Shoulder en-route to the Arcelle sector where he had a couple of runs, then a variation off the Danaides followed by the Lievre Blanc to finish! If it wasn’t the best day of the season it was top 3-to-5 as last Friday was fabulous, last Wednesday was brilliant ……. It’s amazing how you lose track of quality days around here!

Today’s forecast was for partly sunny skies with weather moving in around 11 o’clock, which is part of the reason why I’d thought we’d have an easy day. I was expecting to be heading home early as the clouds rolled in but we had clear blue skies right until the end, which was a serious bonus! It’s now snowing again as of 2:45 and another 20 to 40cm’s are forecast by the morning with strong winds. (Bummer about the wind!) Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

PS Andreas was off today and is doing some serious guitar work as he has a couple of gigs coming up. The first one is this Friday at the Moris with Mike and we’ll be rounding up as many of us as possible to come along and watch. Make a note of it if you’re in the resort this week!

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