A 4/5 risk morning just doesn't get any better!

06 March 2017

It must have snowed close to another 50cm’s overnight and with the avalanche risk at 4/5 I was expecting a slow opening and pretty limited skiing, but the Olympique opened on time and we had a stunning morning. High risk days don’t get much better and we managed to get to great slopes first and really profited from the deep snow. I had Adrian, Al, Barnaby, and Peter who I haven’t skied with for 25-years from back in my Top Ski days, and Simon who I’ve never skied with, and we had a cracking team and did a lot of skiing. We started with an excellent run on the OK and on down through the trees to the Funival, then a fantastic run down a steep line in the Triffolet, followed by two brilliant runs off the Fontaine Froide, then various bits and bobs of great snow as we needed to use our imagination to end the morning in ‘clean’ snow. It was one of those days that was hugely satisfying as expectations weren’t the highest, but the snow quality was outstanding and we skied a lot of virgin snow.

Thomas had a team from Boston and they were very impressed, while Chris has Nick, Ann and Corrine for a base this week. Andreas skied for a couple of hours but his team were affected by the flat-light and he stopped early.

It started blowing a hoolie around noon and the Solaise lift has shut down and as I write at 2:38pm I can hear the wind howling in my chimney, which is a good indicator that the bouquetin and chamois are having a rough time out there while I’m tucked up nice and snug in my apartment. Snow is forecast for the rest of the day and tomorrow so stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings!

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