Slow opening but a fabulous morning!

07 March 2017

Another 50cm’s of snow fell overnight and we’re now talking about a serious amount of snow! Chris and Suzanne (naughty people) had to ski down into town because the road to the Fornet was closed to all traffic, as was the road to the Chatelard and the place went into a mini-shut-down as the school buses didn’t run and many holiday-makers and staff were snowed in at the Laisinant and the Fornet.

It was a predictably slow opening and I bussed down to La Daille and then ended up bussing back trying to judge what was going to open first but eventually we got going and what a morning it was! The risk is still 4/5 but around La Daille Chris, Andreas, Thomas and I had plenty to do with our teams and it was another excellent morning in very deep quality snow.

Jean R turns 76 years-of-age today and we all wish him a very happy birthday. Jean was waiting at 8:50 for the lifts to open as he was keen on a powder morning to celebrate but he was kept waiting like the rest of us. He’s still grinning when he thinks about Friday and said it was the best early present he could have had!

There was a scare in Tignes this morning and we heard that there was a big avalanche on-piste and that up to thirty people were involved. Thankfully as it turned out no one was buried but news travels fast and Gill heard about it back in England and texted Adrian to make sure we were alright!

Millie has another GCSE French exam today while Katie is gearing herself up for Gym Club tonight. Good luck girls!

It looked as if the skies were clear a couple of times this morning but every time a window appeared it was shut pretty quickly! It’s still snowing at 2:45 so who knows what tomorrow will bring. We could use a calming period for the pisteurs and groomers to be able to secure the various closed sectors and to pack down the pistes but at the moment it just keeps snowing! A slightly brighter day is forecast for tomorrow without snow so that will help the resort get things sorted, and a partially sunny day is on the cards for Thursday, which means a ‘powder frenzy’ and potential chaos! Stay tuned!

PS Sorry Al, I seemed to have missed you today! I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, promise!

PPS One of Chris’ clients lost a ski in the steeps of the Triffolet and they finally found it around 12:45. Andreas had come around to help as did Thomas, and my team arrived right near the end when all hope had been given up. Chris’ team celebrated by going up for one last run and a late finish!

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