What outstanding skiing in a Winter Wonderland!

08 March 2017

The resort got exactly what we needed today and that was a calming period with some visibility so the pisteurs could secure more of the resort. With the sunny weather they were able to throw dynamite from helicopters and did some serious blasting that brought down some huge slides. Having some sunshine also meant we could see but with it comes a lot of other skiers off-piste that don’t ski off-piste in the poor visibility.

I started off with a couple of easy runs off the Verte to work into the morning while waiting for the Fontaine Froide to open, then Thomas and I had a fantastic run off the Fontaine Froide and decided to keep going down the Epaule du Charvet. With a risk of 4/5 we weren’t going to venture too far away and Thomas skied the left-hand side of the piste while I took the right, and it was wonderful top-to-bottom. It was pretty quiet and enticing so we circled back around for another run and still found great lines without exposing ourselves on the steeper sections. From there we decided to head to the Manchet, which was closed and because it was closed it was also peaceful, so we had a brilliant run down and pushed out before circling around for a second to finish off a wonderful morning. Meanwhile Chris and Andreas skied off the Bellevarde before working their way towards Tignes. Chris mentioned some great skiing in the Familial and a couple runs in the Campanules, and they both had excellent mornings. Chris had a run-in with a guide from Tignes who cut up his group and Chris had a real go at him, but he isn’t going to let that wreck his morning!

Louise has been telling me for ages about the Killer Beez who play every Tuesday night at Le Petit Danois, so Al, Adrian and I went last night to check them out. Peter and Yvon also stopped by as well and we were all extremely impressed by what a brilliant band they were. They make a lot of music for just three band members with an excellent guitar player and bass player, as well as a fantastic drummer. They were seriously good and I’m already planning to return next Tuesday night for more Clapton, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Stones, Bowie, Eagles, Don Henley, Don McLean, Men at Work, Byran Adams and more. It was great to see young girls of 18 (maybe younger) grooving, dancing, and singing only to be outdone by a bunch of older folks with grey hair and wrinkles. And Jim was rocking with the best of them! Thanks Lou!

It’s snowing lightly at 3:10pm and a partly sunny day is forecast for tomorrow. We had sunshine all morning right up until about 12:30 when the light started to flatten out a little, but it was great to be able to see today and fantastic for the pisteurs to be able to throw some dynamite about. Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings!

PS Adrian and Al can’t believe the skiing as usually when they’re here we seem to be ‘skinning’ most of the time. They can’t get over the non-stop powder! And we miss you Ian and Frans!

PPS Blimey, I forgot to mention Katie’s Gym Club last night. She achieved a new skill, which was an aerial, and when someone achieves a new level they ring a bell and then perform the new skill for the entire club. She said it was nerve-racking performing with everyone watching but Gill said she beamed all the way home. Bravo Katie!

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