A total change of conditions and possibilities!

09 March 2017

It was very warm overnight and water was dripping from the terrace above me this morning so it was no surprise that the avalanche risk below 2500 metres was rated at 4/5. Above 2500m’s the risk was lowered to 3/5 and it was definitely a morning for staying as high as possible and the entire team decided on the Fornet over the Motte. The Signal remained closed (just as well really) and we all spent a great morning up on the Pissaillas Glacier skiing a couple of Combe du 3300 before heading out into the Pays Desert. The T-bar closed due to a technical problem so we ‘skinned’ up for ten-minutes for a second run and had the Pays Desert to ourselves. The wind and warm temperatures have changed the snow drastically over the past 24-hours but it was still excellent skiing, although more ‘educational’ than we’ve had over the past four or five days. It’s amazing how quickly people move on from the stunning snow and skiing of the past five days and embrace the new conditions and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Bravo everyone for such good attitudes and understanding of how each and every day is different and how each day has its own merits and possibilities.

If you’re in the resort don’t forget to come to see Andreas play a couple of songs with Mike and Ritchie tomorrow night at the Pub Moris. Andreas will come on around 6:30 and I can guarantee that you’ll have a brilliant time. Mike and Ritchie start around 5:30 and if you’ve never seen them they are fantastic. See you there!

My lovely wife has been hit with viral labrynthitis again. She had it several years ago and has unfortunately contracted it again, which is a serious pain as taking care of the girls on her own while feeling rotten is no fun at all! It also makes working near impossible and fingers crossed that she gets over it much more quickly than last time. Courage Gill!

Sun is forecast for the next couple of days and hopefully we’ll get a good freeze tonight, which would help to stabilise to lower slopes and open up some more options. Stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Adrian and Al for a fantastic evening in the Baraque last night!

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