A potential 'stinker' avoided!

10 March 2017

It was overcast all through the night and there was no re-freeze in town so it was a bit worrying this morning about dealing with a possible ‘stinker’! There were two choices, return to the Fornet or head towards the Motte in Tignes. I didn’t want to deal with people so I decided on the Fornet and when the ream voted for ‘adventure’ I headed over the Col Pers and everyone was ready to deal with what we found and to make the best of it. It turned out to be a cracking good morning with good enough snow, solitude and wonderful scenery. Barnaby brought Aaron along and Aaron had never been over the Col so it’s always nice to introduce someone to that part of the world. Chris and I ‘skinned’ up to the Glaciers Pers and I thought it was pretty jolly good considering what was on offer today. Thomas went down over the Col and skied out via the Grand Torsai and radioed to say that it was shocking, so Chris and I took my ‘funky’ exit, which was a great option and very atmospheric . Thanks Thomas! Meanwhile Andreas needed a change of scenery with his team so he headed up to the Motte and then skied around the Col du Palet sector, and they had a good morning as well. I thought the team did really well today because with a nasty heat-crust covering most of the mountain it could have been a really difficult day.

Don’t forget Andreas’ gig with Mike and Ritchie at the Pub Moris tonight. The show starts at 5:30 and Andreas should take the stage around 6:30. See you there!

Good luck to Millie who has part 4 of her French GCSE exam this afternoon. Do you business and good luck Millie!

With a clear night we should get some sort of freeze tonight with sunshine forecast again for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS And a big happy birthday to Richard Finlay who turned 71 today!

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