Wayne has had computer problems..........

17 January 2009

Wayne has had computer problems and until it has been resolved JC will do the updates for the next week or so and will not be able to answer his emails sent to his personal address. Jean Marc and JC went up to La Grand Motte and went of the side into what is called couloir 3005 and which is often looked into with awe by onlookers. Well done Jean Davies and I hope your quest for a purple plus will eventuate. Wayne had a non skinning morning focusing on the present economical crisis and the affordability of skiing. Our Swede Andreas and Thomas (fr) have both been looking after Swedish nationals which is great to see at Alpine. TJ with the Scottish contingent and TJ is also working on the rehab of his knee with Louise the physio who took over Sue’s practice. Thank you Louise. Olivier and JM are starting a week touring in the Queyras. Forecasted is a weather change Sunday afternoon.

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