Blue skies, great skiing and a bit of adventure!

13 March 2017

We had a clear night and a solid re-freeze and with sun forecast for the next five days at least we will be in for some excellent spring skiing. I had a combination of spring and winter snow as we skied the meadows off the Borsat while waiting for the big slopes around the Chalet des Gardes to warm up. We ‘skinned’ up for ten-minutes from the Grand Pres to access clean snow and had an excellent run down in spring snow. From there we headed over the Col Pers and had a good mix of winter snow and then clean but firm spring snow on the lower slopes en-route to the gorge. The gorge has changed yet again with some debris to climb over and ski through and the extra snow avalanching down at the exit has actually made it trickier instead of easier! There are now a couple of uphill ramps where you need to get your speed just right so you don’t start sliding backwards, and if you go too quickly the compression at the bottom of the ramp is a factor. Anyway, it was cracking good fun and my team had four falls between them to spice things up a little but everyone made it through safely and dry!

Meanwhile Chris, Andreas and Thomas all headed to the Col des Fours via the Col de la Calabourdane and I’m not too sure how they got on but they’ll have had a great morning out.

Hort, can you please send me your email address as my brother wants to come and play golf with you at the end of March. I lost your address when I threw wine on my computer! And Stretch’s as well please. Thanks!

It’s that time of year when the snow gets slushy and sticky so I’m about to wax my skis before heading to the gym. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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