Fantastic slopes and great spring snow!

14 March 2017

After a warm sunny day yesterday and another good refreeze last night the spring snow is setting up beautifully and we had some quality skiing this morning on steep and clean slopes. Chris, Thomas and I started with the lower half of the Face du Charvet and it was so good we circled back around and skied it again as the Super Santons looked a little rough. Next up was a stunning run on the big steep slopes above the Couloir du Mont Blanc before cutting to the right for some clean shots above the rocks. (we gave the couloirs a miss because it was pretty messy!) Because the Cugnai was still frozen and not particularly clean we headed over the Col Pers for some lovely winter snow up high and supporting spring down low. Last time I said, “this is my last trip through the gorge” was about 12 trips ago as conditions improved and Chris and I have continued to pass through it, but today just might be my ‘last trip through the gorge!’ It was a little trickier than yesterday and there is enough water running now with the warmer temperatures to push someone under a snow-bridge if they fell into the last hole so it’s time to start climbing out before the last couple of bridges. Thomas, Chris and I all passed through today without incident but enough is enough!

Meanwhile Andreas’ team wanted lunch in Les Brevieres so he skied in Tignes to meet up with Colin’s Dad and Uncle for lunch. They tried to ski the Glacier Suspendu but Andreas pulled out when he became uncomfortable with the conditions when ‘skinning’ up. Well done Andreas, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

It’s Tuesday night so I’m heading back to the Petit Danois to see the Killer Beez again. Derek’s team is coming along with Andreas, while Geoff and Jim from my team are looking forward to it as well. It should be quite a sight as a room full of old guys play air-guitar and sway about! Stay tuned!

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