Another superb morning of spring skiing!

16 March 2017

We had a better refreeze last night but with clear blue skies it heated up pretty quickly this morning so we needed to get at it straight away. I haven’t seen Henry in ages but we both opened with the Face du Charvet from the top, which was excellent, and then we had a fantastic run in the Tour du Charvet above the Mont Blanc couloir. From there I didn’t want to ski firm snow or go through the gorge so we skied the L, which was great before skiing the Alti-port into the Little Lavachet and then the Alti-port onto the sunny slopes in the bottom of the Familial to finish of another brilliant morning. Thomas was out there as well but his radio was dead so we didn’t hear much from him and Chris had a touring private so he did the Col de la Calabourdane and the Col des Fours, while Andreas went down to Ste Foy to ski the sunny-side and had a terrific morning and lunch with his team.

My forecast calls for another sunny day to fill our boots with spring snow tomorrow and then snow on Saturday and snow again from next Tuesday for a few days. Sounds good to me!

I’ll sign off now as I’ve my Valdinet blog to write as it’s due this afternoon/evening. Stay tuned!

PS And what a performance by Roger Federer as he beat Nadal 6-2,6-3 in 68-minutes yesterday for his third straight win over Rafa. Wow!

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