Great spring snow but we need a fresh canvas!

17 March 2017

We had a clear night and a really solid refreeze and with clear blue skies it was another day of great spring snow. There aren’t a lot of options due to tracks, and timing (meaning snow is too hard mid-to-late-morning on certain exposures), and in some places such as Mont Roup the slopes we’d normally ski in spring snow have avalanched to the ground and there isn’t any snow left! Anyway, the good news is that we’ve been able to ski the Face du Charvet, which is always impressive, and the steep slopes in the Tour du Charvet, which are equally fun and interesting. I skied both today before skiing the ‘L’ en-route to my first Kern of the season. The Kern was surprisingly good considering it was 11:45 and the team was really pleased with that detour en-route to finishing in the Alti-port/Familial. Chris headed straight to Tignes to ski the Sachette, while Andreas followed him after skiing the Face du Charvet first. Thomas was around the Charvet/Manchet sectors and Henry went off on a Tour.

It’s a bit of an iffy day tomorrow on the weather-front so we may have a tricky morning while praying for some snow in the afternoon. We’ve had a stunning week of spring skiing but could really use some fresh snow to clean up the tracks and give us a few powder mornings as well.

Johnny Alpine’s friend Billy texted him a ‘proverb of the day’, which I thought was quite funny as I never went to church regularly again after we started skiing as a family. Billy texted, “It’s better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think about skiing!” Nice one Billy!

Thanks to Geoff for a great dinner and football on Monday night, and to Johnny Alpine for a lovely curry and football on Wednesday night. And I’m sure all you rugby fans will be glued to tomorrow night’s game as the Irish try to spoil England’s Grand Slam bid and well as their attempt at the World Record for consecutive wins.

Millie has a golf lesson tomorrow followed by a match on Sunday and Katie may have a riding lesson. Fingers crossed on the weather girls!

Andreas may play tonight at the Pub Moris around 6:30 so do drop in. Stay tuned!

PS Congratulations to John Sadowski and Bridgette who have had another baby boy. Blimey Chief!

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