A predictably tougher morning!

18 March 2017

After a week of sunshine conditions were much tougher today with a punchy wind, driving snow at times, some patches of fog, and the rest of the time it was just plain old flat-light! At 7AM it looked like we had a chance of some sun but the clouds rolled in much earlier than forecast and Chris and I had a tricky day to deal with. We skied some piste, then the sunny bowl off the Col de Fresse, before more piste en-route to the Sachette. The wind was howling while be climbed into the Sachette but once in it was much calmer, the snow was good, and we had flat but decent light most of the way. It was a pretty good result on a day that was never going to be easy, but everyone was pleased to get down for lunch and a serious afternoon of sport!

I’m really looking forward to the match at Johnny Alpine’s as England go for glory and then dinner afterwards. Thanks in advance John!

Andreas played a couple of excellent numbers at the Pub Moris with Mike last night and had a pretty good ‘Alpine’ crowd come and cheer him on.

Light snow is forecast this afternoon with a partially sunny day tomorrow, so we should have more to work with and better conditions. Stay tuned!

PS Enjoy your golf lesson Millie!

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