Less 'fresh' than expected but what a morning!

19 March 2017

After all the wind with snowflakes in the air most of the day yesterday I really thought we’d have a decent accumulation of fresh snow today, and with North-westerly winds I thought I’d be heading to the Motte this morning. There was a minimum freeze last night in town but snow was in the trees above 2200 metres so at the last moment I decided to head up to the Fornet for the ambience and to stay away from other people, and although there was very little new snow the skiing was excellent. We followed avenues of creamy snow blown in by the wind in the Pays Desert before heading over the Col Pers for a brilliant run. We skied chalky winter snow up high followed by clean and smooth spring slopes at the bottom, and then headed out through the gorge where we had chamois and bouquetin above us at the entrance to the gorge, and it always adds to the occasion when we spot wildlife. Towards the bottom at the moment of truth I left my team and went down to check the exit of the gorge, and I can now say that the final snow-bridges are finished! I radioed back to Andreas and he started walking everyone up towards the summer path while I ‘skinned’ back up to meet them. It was a cracking run top-to- bottom and with the mild temperatures I didn’t really think we’d make it through the gorge when I left for the Gourmandine this morning! We finished a terrific morning with a play above the ‘L’ before a blast down to lunch. Chris was skiing with Sandy and Suzanne while Andreas was skiing with his brother and some of his golfing mates. Henry ‘skinned’ up towards the Glacier Pers with his team and all the boys had a great ski.

Millie has a golf match today so I wish her and her 9-year-old partner luck. They’ll be on about the fourth hole as I write so do the business Mils!

Sun is forecast for tomorrow so we’ll make the most of that before and iffy day or two with some snow forecast towards the end of the week. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS It’s Roger and Stan in an all-Swiss final in California, come on Roger! And I’m sure you’ll have noticed that I haven’t subjected you to too much Hammers news of late!

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