Happy Birthday Muriel!!!!

20 March 2017

We had a very interesting day and one that was completely different from what we’d planned. After a solid re-freeze I thought we’d be skiing the Face du Charvet, followed by the Tour du Charvet and more spring snow after that, but during the first run it was evident that we’d need to change our plans. The fresh snow from Saturday helped to insulate the snow against a deep refreeze and the sunny slopes gave up their support much earlier than expected. Chris and I opened with the Face du Charvet and the top was excellent, but by the time we arrived on the bottom half of the mountain we needed to get a move on as the snow was already fragile. We radioed Andreas to let him know so he and Philip had a great run down the Santons instead of risking ‘quick snow’! From there we by-passed the Tour du Charvet and went straight up to the Fornet for a guarantee of supporting and we had an excellent run over the Col Pers and through the gorge. Ali had never been through the gorge so it’s always nice to have a first-timer and although I miss the ambience of the exit the climb out is easy and the extra ski down to the Pont St Charles is very pleasant. It was another terrific morning although different from the one I’d planned at breakfast!

Chris and I were the first people on the Face du Charvet this morning but I was surprised when two parapenters flew around the corner and started skimming the surface below us! (see photos) The traverse into the Face is interesting and well done to Kasia for handling it brilliantly! When asked about her level she responded, “I’m an improver!” which I thought was a great answer and she did really well.

Happy birthday to Thomas’ wife Muriel who celebrated by skiing the Mean Martin with Thomas this morning. We all hope you have a fantastic day!

Millie won her golf match 2-and-1 after being down three holes early on. She parred the par-five 13th, which has always been a bogey hole for her and she was pleased about that. Her nine-year-old partner Jack missed a six-inch putt (that should have been conceded) and immediately started crying and saying, “I’m going to be remembered for being the boy that missed the six-inch putt!” Jack and his twin-brother Harry are a couple of real characters but being only nine they do get worked up sometimes and are pretty funny to watch! Anyway, bravo to Mils and Jack on a great comeback!

Tomorrow looks as if it will be partially sunny (the forecast says partially cloudy but…) so we’ll need to wait and see what we get up to. Stay tuned!

PS I’m really pleased about Roger’s latest triumph with a win in the final against Stan and don’t forget the Killer Beez tomorrow night!

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