Bring on some snow please!

21 March 2017

After yesterday’s early thaw Chris and I headed into the Lower Face du Charvet to test the waters and after a positive result and a good ski we circled back around to ski an excellent Tour du Charvet above the Mont Blanc Couloir. Two weeks ago there was no snow on those slopes and it won’t be too long before the fresh snow melts down and it will be back to grass again, but it’s been fun to be able to ski those slopes this past week. From there we skied some meadows on route to the Col and then a Col Pers and gorge to finish. Meanwhile Andreas headed to Tignes and skied a fantastic Sachette while Thomas took the Bevan family to the Col de la Calabourdane and the Col des Fours.

Unfortunately there is evidence of people skiing slopes way too late yesterday and many of them found ‘quick-snow’ as the tracks left behind were seriously deep. We could now use some snow to tidy up the spring slopes as well as having some powder to ski. We may get a little tonight but it looks better for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I’m not sure how much is expected but even ten-to-fifteen would help!

I’m about to prepare tomorrow night’s dinner as I’ve invited some of the boys around and then I’m off to the Killer Beez, which has become a regular highlight of my week. Maybe see you there! Stay tuned!

PS I saw a guy skiing yesterday in a funky get-up designed to off-load weight on the knees. For those of you with knee trouble have a look at

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