As Chris may of mentioned my computer is officially ‘dead’

18 January 2009

As Chris may of mentioned my computer is officially ‘dead’ and my updates may be every other day until I can buy a new machine, but Chris will fill in when I can’t get to Kristina’s computer. It clouded over early this morning and TJ and I dealt with flat light and no new snow. TJ headed to the Glaciers Pers while I skied the Chardonnay en route to the Sachette. The good news besides the good skiing was that it started snowing around 10AM and has continued all day. Even better news was my ski with Millie this afternoon in winds that eventually shut down the Funival and the little thing was buffeted about and didn’t want to stop. I tried to talk her into going back down in the Funival but she just said “no way Daddy, let’s go”, so I pulled up her face mask and pulled down her goggles and off we went. (I was a little worried about being done for bad parenting.) Bravo Millie! And my next bit of good news was West Ham’s 3-1 win against Fulham, which takes us up to 8th in the table when three weeks ago we were in 17th place. My final bit of good news is that the snow should continue tonight with snow tomorrow and heavier snowfalls tomorrow night. Now how’s that for a load of great news!

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