That was better than expected!

22 March 2017

It was a murky morning with a very light freeze and at 7AM it wasn’t looking very appetising! We were all worried about the possibility of a ‘stinker’ but as usual the skiing was much better than it might have been. It helped that the sun broke through and for the most part we had excellent visibility when we thought we’d be dealing with flat-light and fog, and a dusting of snow helped to soften the surface and in some places gave us enough to leave some tracks! With the minimal freeze it was either the Motte or the Fornet and there is no doubt about what sector offers the best ambience and solitude so Chris, Andreas, Thomas and I all headed that way and enjoyed some great skiing.

We had another brilliant session at Le Petit Danois rocking to the Killerbeez. Most of my team showed up as well as Chris’ team, and Dan and Denise, Jane Seaford, Sean and a few others came along as well. That’s my third straight Tuesday night and they just seem to get better every week. I’m really looking forward to taking Millie and Katie when they arrive and it will be their first live band, up front and personal!

The forecast on my computer says snow for the next three days while Meteo France says cloudy tomorrow, snow on Friday and maybe again on Saturday. Let’s hope my computer forecast is correct!

PS I’m not able to send emails at the moment so if you email me and don’t get an answer it’s not because I’m ignoring you! Sorry!

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