A much needed change of scenery!

23 March 2017

We were presented with another potentially tricky day but it turned out to be a really pleasant morning with excellent snow and in places some sunshine. After finishing at the Fornet several days in a row it was time to head to Tignes not only for a change of scenery but also because there was less wind and clearer skies. In fact in the Sachette the sun came out just as we were about to ski, which was a serious bonus! I started with the Little Lavachet, which was very good but fragile and we just got away with it, followed by a fantastic run in the Sachette. Andreas skied the Kern before heading to the Sachette while Thomas skied the Jardin du Borsat three times before having hot chocolate and finishing off the Rosolin with his ‘ladies’ team. Chris was out there somewhere but I didn’t hear from him all morning.

Snow has been falling towards the Fornet and with an easterly wind forecast we could see quite a lot of snow in that area. Fingers crossed on that one because a retour de l’est is a beautiful phenomenon that helps make the Fornet sector as spectacular as it is!

I had a band of characters over for a dinner party last night and we had a great time. It started out as a thank-you meal for Johnny Alpine, who has cooked Dave and I numerous après footie dinners this season and it ended up with Richard H, Dave C, Joe, Jim, Jeremy, John and I. Anyway, thanks John for being such a great host again this season!

The girls arrive a week tomorrow and will be staying for 17-days, which will be fantastic. I can hardly wait but must start to get things ready, and getting the timing right is critical as you don’t want to peak too early in the ‘cleaning’ game! Stay tuned!

PS I’m still unable to send emails so I’m not ignoring you!

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