Another big hit!!!

24 March 2017

With an easterly wind blowing and it being cloudy towards the Italian border for the past 36-hours we were sure that we’d get the best possibility of fresh snow up at the Fornet so we headed into the clouds and wind. The wind was blowing pretty hard and I skied on the piste off the Laisinant and Pyramid as there wasn’t much fresh snow and it was all looking a little scratchy, but once up on the Pisaillas Glacier it was a different world. There was at least 20cm’s of powder snow and the wind was considerably less of a factor and Chris, Andreas and I all had fantastic mornings when expectations weren’t the highest. We skied three or four rotations around the Combe de Geant and one in the Combe du 3300, and then rewarded ourselves with a hot chocolate. Thomas headed towards the better light in Tignes and I’m not sure how he got on?

I gave myself another whip-lash about 200 metres from the bottom when one ski stopped dead in sticky slush while the other kept going and it spun me around and threw to me to the ground rather violently. Blimey, that’s twice this season I’ve taken a big hit on-piste while minding my own business! I’m sure I’ll be stiff again tomorrow and sometimes I wonder why I bother skiing to the bottom after a great morning off-piste when there is a warm and comfy cable-car waiting?

It’s one week today when I pick up the girls for 17-days of fun! They’re really looking forward to it with lots of family skiing , meals, swimming, shopping at the sales, socialising with friends, and an introduction to live music with the Killerbeez! I can hardly wait!

There is better light forecast for tomorrow morning which will be brilliant as we didn’t venture too far away today with the wind and flat-light, but with a bit of vis it will be game-on in the morning. Stay tuned!

PS We saw a Gypete this morning being hassled by a smaller bird while waiting for the Fornet bus. (See photos)

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